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Learn German in Cologne: Accommodation

German language students in Cologne generally stay with local German hosts, in a private household or enjoy living a more independent lifestyle in a shared apartment in Cologne.  Please be aware that as Cologne is a large city and whilst the college is centrally located and easy to reach by public transport, there will inevitably be a daily commute to college (approx 30/45 mins each way).

Prices for all accommodation options are quoted on the CESA Course Finder.

German Hosts / Private households

  • Cheerfully furnished single room, some with TV
  • Breakfast or half-board
  • Shared use of bathroom and kitchen
  • Bedding and towels
  • Distance to the school: 15-45 minutes by public transportation

Students can stay with local hosts (private households) on a single room, half-board (breakfast and evening meal) or breakfast only basis. Host accommodation in Cologne can be offered on a two weeks+ arrangement on request, although normally hosts are booked on a 4 week+ basis. The hosts provide you with a chance to sample German daily life, first-hand, however bear in mind, Cologne is a large city and though the public transport system is efficient, well priced and punctual and the college is just moments from the Hauptbahnhof (main station), commuting to college from your host accommodation, must be viewed as inevitable.

You will be housed in an apartment or in a house with a family, a couple or with a person living alone. Your hosts are residents of Cologne who happily rent their furnished room regularly to course participants from all over the world. During your stay, you will have the opportunity to speak German with your hosts, and to get to know the German way of life.

Shared apartments

  • Only offered to students aged 18 yrs or above
  • Cheerfully furnished single room, some with TV
  • Shared use of bathroom and kitchen (you may cook your own meals)
  • Bedding
  • You are responsible for keeping your own accommodation clean
  • Distance to the school: 15-45 minutes by public transportation

For those looking for more independence, the apartment option allows students to live with other students or local German people, but leaves you free to come and go as you please and cook for yourself.  You rent a single room in the apartment on a self-catering basis with access to the communal facilities (bathroom and kitchen). This is a popular accommodation option in Cologne, as it enables younger international students (18yrs/25yrs) to live together. Allow around 20-45 minutes commute by public transport to reach the school.

In a shared-apartment arrangement, you will be provided with a furnished room of your own. You will share the kitchen and bathroom with your fellow residents and prepare your own meals. In a shared apartment, you will have contact with fellow participants on German courses and an opportunity to speak German, and yet you can move about freely and independently and may come and go as you wish.

Private studio apartments

  • Small, furnished, one- or two-room apartment
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Bedding
  • Distance to the school: 15-45 minutes by public transportation

Ideal for adult students who require personal space and are happy to pay extra for a few more luxuries than the simpler accommodation options can provide.
Usually only offered from one calendar month+ duration.
The studios are self contained and fully furnished.


Offered on request.
Please ask CESA staff for details.


Arrive: Sunday PM
Depart: Saturday AM

We recommend that you fly direct to Cologne airport, and then take the train to the main station “Hauptbahnhof” (takes approximately 15 minutes) from here you can take the subway or a taxi to your accommodation.

Students are welcome to take advantage of the transfer service from the airport to their accommodation for an extra charge. Prices are quoted on the CESA Course Finder.