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Learn German in Cologne: Location

Whether you wish to improve your German language skills for business, pleasure or academic reasons, Cologne has plenty to offer the German language student, throughout the year.

In Cologne, over two thousand years of history awaits you, as well as the facilities of a modern economic and cultural centre; important trade fairs and exhibitions, famous museums, many large and small theatres.

The Cologne people are very hospitable and Cologne itself is famous for its “Karneval”and the great locally brewed beers (recommended after personal assessment by the CESA staff)!

The city itself lies on the Rhine in the west of Germany. It is within easy reach of its western neighbours – France, Belgium and the Netherlands and all other German cities. Cologne is also an ideal base for; day trips along the Rhine (with its romantic castles and palaces), wine tasting sessions on the Mosel or further afield to the Medieval towns in the delightful hilly countryside of the Eifel and the Bergisches Land regions which surround the city.

Cologne has a vibrant university community and is home to over 70,000 students. It therefore offers a wide range of entertainment, from top nightclubs and music and cinematic festivals and films, through to classical concerts and prestigious art collections. In addition, it hosts the Cologne Carnival, which attracts more than one million visitors every year.

Cologne: Bridge Cologne: Cathedral and sky Cologne: Historic buildings

Local Specialities

Some Cologne specialities are “Halve Hahn” this is a rye bread roll with Dutch cheese and mustard, “Kolsche Kaviar” a blood sausage and “Rievkoche” these are potato cakes. The most important speciality being the unique beer Kolsch, served fresh in tiny glasses in the typical Brauhaus and beer gardens.