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Learn German in Lindau: Location

Lindau offers German language students, of all ages, a wonderfully picturesque and relaxed study environment. There is so much Lindau can offer language students who wish to concentrate on their German studies, whilst taking the pace of life down a gear or two.

In one of the southernmost corners of Germany, located on the shoreline and an island on Lake Constance (or as it’s known locally “Bodensee”). The island’s landmarks feature medieval buildings dating back to the 1400’s, and romantic architecture from the 1700’s and provide the perfect backdrop for language study at any time of the year.

Lindau combines the historical with the modern. In the summer you can enjoy water sports (of all descriptions) on the lake, or jazz, classical or modern music concerts and street theatre or simply an ice cream whilst promenading and soaking up some summer sun.

In the winter, with the Austrian border just a few kms away and Switzerland a short ferry ride away, the ski or snow board enthusiast heads to the Alps at the weekend.

With most places within easy walking distance of each other, plus the good public bus system, Lindau is an easy town to find your way around. Enjoy the wonderful restaurants, bars and cafes, spend your free time on the water, or simply unwind and soak up the Mediterranean-style atmosphere for which Lindau is famed.

Local Specialities

Lindau has some superb culinary delights to offer the visitor such as Maultaschen Kässpätzle, Schupfnudeln and local wines. Despite proximity to Bavaria, Lindau dishes differ from the hearty meals associated with Munich, rather the food is based upon pasta dishes, and is similar to Italian cooking. It is known as “Schwäbische Kuche”.