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Learn Italian in Venice: Location

Venice, also known as “the city of canals” has a population of 63,000 inhabitants, 400+ bridges and 160 canals. It is, rightly, world renowned for the beauty of its buildings, it’s history and of course the wonderful roads of water that intersect the whole city.

It is a tourist magnet, attracting people from around the world, to admire it’s wonderful churches and palazzos, the labyrinth of narrow alleyways, the magnificence of the Rialto bridge, St Mark’s Square and the beauty of the lagoon.

The ongoing discussions about floods (30+ floods affect the city each year) have yet to reach a conclusive outcome, and the damage caused to the city by the rising waters is clearly on display.
The climate in Venice is generally warm with temperatures of up to 35oC in the summer months, dropping to below freezing in the winter.

Venice can be split into six districts. The Grand Canal, the main highway of Venice runs through the heart of the historical centre. To the north of the Grand Canal there is Cannaregio, Castello and San Marco Sestieri, and to the south there is Santa Croce, San Polo and Dorsoduro Sestieri.

Venice: Canal view

With its streets full of water the ideal way to tour these districts is by gondola, although the water taxis offer a cheaper, if less romantic, alternative.

Venice appeals to language students of all ages, particularly University students, graduates and adults who wish to experience the city and absorb it’s unique atmosphere whilst improving their Italian language skills.