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Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires: Location

Learn Spanish in the “Paris of the South”, Buenos Aires, the lively capital of Argentina. A good range of long and short term language programmes are offered, appealing to all ages and language abilities plus, if you are brave enough, take the challenge and learn to tango!

Whether sitting at an outdoor cafe watching the beautiful porteños (local name for locals), dancing salsa until morning, playing soccer in the parks, or taking in a world famous Tango show, cosmopolitan Buenos Aires provides entertainment for everyone.

With a population of 2.5 million inhabitants, Buenos Aires is a sophisticated city and the opportunity to study Spanish here, is an experience that any language student would treasure.

The temperature ranges from 33º-37º C in the summer to 5º -15º in the winter.

Buenos Aires’ glorious past can be seen in architectural jewels such as the mammoth Metropolitan cathedral that contains the remains of Argentina’s liberator, San Martín. It also boasts the world’s largest opera house: Teatro Colon.

Buenos Aires’ is well known for its tree-lined avenues which can be found to the north, where a succession of parks, stretch for miles along the River Plate. Throughout the city, however, one can find several open public places such as the Jardín Botanico Carlos Thays (Botanical Gardens), Jardín Zoológico (zoo), the Campo de Polo (polo grounds), the Hipódromo (racetrack), the Planetarium, and the many plazas that dot the landscape.

Local Specialities

Argentinian dishes are a mixture of Basque, Spanish and Italian influences. Argentinian beef is world famous for its high quality and flavour and meat-eaters should be sure to sample the large variety of barbecue-style dishes found in the city’s parilladas, or grill rooms. Popular local dishes include empanadas (flour pastry filled with minced meat and other ingredients) and locro (pork and maize stew). In general, restaurants are good value and North American, Continental, and Middle Eastern cuisine is generally available in addition to the local food. Argentine wines are first rate and very inexpensive. Local distilleries produce excellent whiskies, gins, and wines and most well known spirits can be found easily.