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Learn Spanish in Cusco: Location

Cusco is a fantastic city to discover as a language student.  As the one time capital of the Inca Empire it has plenty to offer culturally to the Spanish language learner. With an elevation of 3,416 meters (1,1207 Feet), Cusco is located in the Andean heart of Peru and the altitude takes a little getting used to for the first day or two. There are many fabulous attractions to explore; some natural (the magnificent mountains), many from the heyday of the Incas (Coricancha, the Inca Sun Temple and Sacsayhuaman, the Inca fortress) and of course Spanish colonial treasures as well (such as the mansions and palaces around Plaza Regocigo).

The Plaza de Armas is a wide green space set at the heart of Cusco, dominated by the Baroque Spanish Cathedral. However modern Cusco is a sea of low lying terracotta tiled roofs, Spanish colonial buildings – many of which were built on the ancient Inca walls – and Andean mountain views, so Cusco truly is a living museum and well deserves it’s historic status.  To wander round the city and seek out the original Inca stone walls, or a llama or two en route, is a real delight.  The clash of Spanish colonial and Andean heritages creates a cultural experience that is hard to appreciate, until you do so in person.

The city of Cusco is not just a museum, there is a lively night-life around Plaza de Armas, San Blas and Plaza Regocijo so whether your taste runs to rock, modern dance or traditional Andean folk music or you’d prefer a quiet drink in a bar – there is something for all tastes.

The San Blas quarter is the shopping mecca of the city – artisan workshops are plentiful and some are of high quality, from jewellery to alpaca textiles and colonial icons and all stops in between!

Within easy reach from the city are some fabulous historic and archaeological sites to explore, visit the ruins of the Sacred Valley and the biggest draw of all, Machu Pichu.  The ruins of this ancient Incan city 70 km from Cusco, set in the cloud forest high in the mountains, can be reached by train and during the trip you can enjoy some breath taking landscape.