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Learn Spanish in Cadiz: Location

The Spanish city of Cadiz has a truly unique site — set as it is on a narrow spit of land surrounded by the sea — Cadiz is a typically Andalucian city with a wealth of attractions including some well-preserved historical landmarks. The older part of Cadiz, within the remnants of the city walls, is commonly referred to as the Old City (in Spanish, Casco Antiguo). It is characterized by the antiquity of its various quarters (barrios), most famously El Populo, La Viña, and Santa Maria, which provide quite a contrast with the newer areas of town. While the Old City’s streets consist of predominantly  narrow winding alleys connecting large plazas, the newer areas of Cádiz generally have wide avenues and more modern buildings. The city is also dotted with a number of parks where exotic plants, including giant trees supposedly brought to Spain by Columbus, flourish.

The Puertas de Tierra (the Main Gates) divide the city in two, on one side you have modern Cadiz, with wide pavements, beaches, yacht and sport clubs, however when you cross over you find a scene of historic buildings, alleys and quaint plazas.

The Old Town Center, is bursting with character, history and a real Andalucian ambiance. Barrio La Viña; an old fishing district and the starting point of the famous Cadiz Carnival,  Barrio El Populo; allegedly the oldest area of the city, Barrio Santa Maria; the home of flamenco in Cadiz.

Cadiz is rightly famed for its impressive marine promenades which all but surround the perimeter of the city centre, with fabulous views of the bay.

The cultural scene of Cadiz ensures you have plenty of opportunities to get to know Cadiz and the Gaditano way of life. The City Centre has undergone extensive reconstruction in recent years to help preserve and enhance the buildings and monuments that make up one of the oldest city’s in Europe.

Cadiz Museums

  • Cadiz Court Museum
  • Municipal Museum of Cadiz
  • Cadiz Cathedral Museum


  • Gran Teatro Falla

Flamenco Venues

  • La Cava, Taberna Flamenco
  • Peña Flamenca El Mellizo
  • Peña Flamenca Juan Villar
  • Taberna El Marques De Cadiz
  • Peña Flamenca Camaron de la Isla
  • Peña Flamenca Chano Lobato