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Learn Spanish in Malaga: Location

Language students of all ages love studying in Malaga. The combination of a busy city atmosphere combined with the seaside charms of the area ensures that Malaga appeals to all tastes and interests. Malaga is home to 650,000+ inhabitants is set on the Mediterranean coast and is world renowned as the gateway to the resorts and beaches of the Costa del Sol, it is also home to spectacular mountain scenery.

It has an excellent climate with warm winters (15/20 ° C) and hot summers (30/35 ° C), sun drenched beaches, paved beach front promenades that stretch for miles, and plenty of traditional tapas bars and restaurants to sample.

There are no high rise Hotels in the city or near the college, it is a truly Spanish city, and is justly proud of its heritage. Influences of this heritage can be seen in it’s architecture and monuments. The Moors presence in the region extended into the 15 th century. Prior to this, the Phoenicians, Greek and Romans colonised the city leaving their mark. Explore the remains of a Roman theatre or the 16 th century Palace of Isabelle and Ferdinand (soon to be home to the Picasso Museum).

The main sites of interest include the “Castillo de Gibralfaro” (a 14 th century Moorish fortress), the “Alcazaba” (a Palace that dates back to 1065) and the Picasso Foundation (located in Picasso’s childhood home), where you can view the artist’s work. Concerts and plays are on offer throughout the year at the Teatro Cervantes.

The “Malagueños” love their night life, flamenco can be seen in the clubs and the streets of the city and the local taverns, bars and restaurants, enjoyed by people of all ages.

Local Specialities

Enjoy your spare time visiting the bars and restaurants that specialise in regional delicacies. The local food is light and healthy. Fish dishes such as prawns “Pil Pil” (roasted in garlic infused oil), “Pescaito Frito” (fried fish such as red mullet or small sardines) and “Boquerones” (small fish marinated for several days), a wonderful tapas dish. Dishes from outside the city include “Rabo de Toro a la Rondeña” (bull’s tail), game and sausages or try a cool “Gazpachos” soup.