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Learn Spanish in Seville: Teaching

Let’s get you talking Spanish in Seville!

Teaching Structure

Students of all abilities will cover the four core skills, in order to develop all the essential Spanish language skills, according to their current language ability. The courses are designed to develop a solid global command of the language, starting from your current level. The curriculum is structured across a range of theoretical language levels, with a natural duration of between four and ten weeks at each level.

Classes are divided into two distinct segments. The first covers the language itself, the structures and the communicative functions. The second part deals with concrete cultural themes in order to develop all the skills i.e speaking, listening, reading and writing through grammar study, oral and written exercises, practice with video and audio material and conversation drawing upon a variety of cultural themes. The methodology is the result of years of experience in teaching Spanish. Special importance is given to the communicative aspect of the language and its use in everyday life. For this reason, the college encourages students to speak Spanish in class, and whenever possible out of class as well.

A diverse range of materials are used, depending on your language level and course requirements – written and spoken texts, background music related to a particular topic. Teachers also utilise anything they can to keep student attention and interaction going throughout the classes – continuously improving student production, reformulation, evaluation and assessment, individualised attention and rules of study.

Students get to see their progress every fortnight through continuous assessment and written and oral tests.

A student of average linguistic ability should allow at least four weeks to complete the Beginner or Elementary level, covering key conversational abilities and basic grammar structure to enable students to communicate in everyday situations. Approximately four weeks+ will be required to complete each of the Intermediate levels (12 weeks+ in total) with emphasis on further development of Spanish grammar with reference to the past tenses and conversation skills (and at Intermediate level, introduces the subjunctive). An additional 10 weeks covers the Advanced level (dealing with commonly confused structures, word building, and the elimination of any errors and any deficiencies in grammatical structures, encouraging fluency in conversation. Finally, the Proficiency level looks at colloquial and literary language and slang expressions, according to student need. In reality students chose to attend a short course or a longer “Languages for Life” course, according to their linguistic goals, personal wishes and time constraints.

Language Levels & Rate of Progress

Basic user A1  2/3 wks
Basic user A1  2/3 wks
Express basic opinions, feelings and needs orally and in writing.
Understand short messages and texts.
Ask for clarification, explanations and information.
Basic user A2   8 wks
Express basic opinions, feelings and needs both orally and in writing.
Commit mistakes, in particular in the past, that do not impede being understood.
Basic communicative skills that permit the understanding of normal conversation.
Understand informative text and basic literature.
DELE A2 level exam
Independent user B1   8 wks
Express, reason, paraphrase and summarise opinions, feelings and needs both orally and in writing.
Required written skills for letters to basic standard.
Can take part in formal social situations.
DELE B1 level exam
Upper Intermediate
Independent user B2   8 wks
Can give detailed information on general topics and express own opinions in conversation.
Write texts of a certain complexity and length selecting the appropriate vocabulary.
Understand general informative texts as well as literacy that requires basic knowledge of culture.
DELE B2 level exam
Proficiency user C1  10 wks
Can give detailed information on general topics and express own opinions in conversation.
Write texts of a certain complexity and length selecting the appropriate vocabulary.
Recognise styles and perceive implicit elements such as irony, metaphors, etc.
Fluency and phonetics which allows to be understood without difficulties.
DELE C1 level exam
Proficiency user C2   10 wks
Maintains fluent conversation using discursive techniques.
Select appropriate vocabulary and forms according to situations.
Able to reformulate speech and convince by arguing different points of view.
Read contemporary literature with reference to cultural topics.
Use different creative styles in writing.
Proficiency user C2    10 wks
Able to change style, speed, intonation and acquire a Spanish accent.
Know how to give speeches and conferences.
Familiar with more specific functions of the language.
Recognise different Spanish dialects.
DELE C2 level exam


* Number of weeks: At each stage students of average ability, who work hard are expected to take a certain number of weeks to move on to the next language level.  The school staff will assess student ability and determine if they are ready to progress to a higher ability group.

First Day

Arrive at the Spanish language school and register at reception desk, in the main school entrance. Giving your name you will receive a folder with information of the school, your Spanish course and your student ID card.

You will take your level test allowing us to place you in the group that best suits you. Beginners go directly to class and they don´t need to take level test.

Welcoming talk on the patio, so you can learn more about the cultural activities on offer at the school and about the administrative management of your Spanish course.

The Director of Studies will inform you about your classes and teachers.

11:20 – 13:00
Your first Spanish lesson of the course!

Collect your book at the school library.

Sightseeing walk through Seville. Remember to register at the Cultural Programme Department during the day! This first day tour is free for new students. The exact timing may vary, depending on the season so remember to check on timings when you book in.

Spanish Teachers in Seville

A dynamic, motivated, and highly qualified teaching staff with considerable experience in the teaching of Spanish. Teachers who enjoy their work and are sensitive to the cultural diversity and background of their students.

Spanish Students in Seville

Studying and learning Spanish in Seville is a great opportunity to meet other students from more than 25 countries from all over the world. In addition to foreign students learning Spanish, the school welcome local students who learn English, French, German or even Chinese.

Nationality mix:
* Nationality mix and age groups may vary according to season and year
USA and Canada   15%   /   Germany  12%
United Kingdom 10%  / Switzerland 10%
Netherlands 10%   /   French 6%
Italy 6%   /   Eastern Europe 5%
Japan 5%   /   Korea 5%
Brazil 4%    /   Russia 3%   /   Rest of the world 11%

Age range:
17-22 Years   /   20%
22-27 Years   /   27%
28-32 Years   /   22%
33-45 Years   /   16%
+46 Years   /15%

85% of students come alone (and make new friends when in Seville!)