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DELF exam preparation in Rouen

French DELF exam preparation in Rouen will enable you to improve and practise your French language skills and sit the DELF exams in France, with CESA Languages.

These five week+ DELF preparation lessons help students prepare specifically for the DELF / DALF exams. You will study all four French language skills, (reading, writing listening and speaking) on the Standard group course and in the DELF focused afternoon classes you will learn the skills you need to pass the exams.

The French school’s friendly and experienced staff will do all they can to ensure that you reach your DELF/DALF goal as quickly as possible.

The French DELF exam preparation courses enable you to assess your language ability in the “real life” situations you may encounter every day in France.

The DELF certificates prove an increasingly complex ability in the French language, with each level and the tasks set vary, so it is really important to study with an experienced language school in France to help you prepare effectively.

The DELF preparation course includes a final mock examination so that you know what to expect on the day and will take the DELF examination fully prepared.

  • Open to 16 yrs + age group on set start dates
  • 5 weeks+ concentrated French language tuition
  • Follow the Standard group course +
  • DELF preparation lessons each week
  • Max. 10 people per PM group classes
  • DELF exam preparation schedule: 14.00 to 16.00 hrs
  • Language levels offered: A1 to C2
  • DELF exam registration fee is an extra cost
  • You can sit the DELF examination in Rouen
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DELF Exam Dates 2022

Jan Feb Mar May Jun
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Exam dates:
A1 & A2
B1 & B2


Jul Aug Oct Nov Dec
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Exam dates:
A1 & A2
B1 & B2


2022 Exam Registration fee: EUR 199.00
School support in registering prior to arrival: EUR 60.00

In the afternoon DELF/DALF preparation lessons every students works according to their own ability, and the school provides a programme tailored to their individual needs and personalised assistance from the first day.

The course focuses on the different linguistic components required to pass these diplomas namely grammar, vocabulary, written and conversational forms:

Oral comprehension and expression:

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  • The ability to respond to questions relating to short audio documents (news flashes, polls, commercials) or to longer audio documents (presentations, discussions, interviews)
  • The ability to summarise an audio document (social sciences, pure sciences), articulate and present its contents clearly within the context of  debate with other French speakers)
  • The ability to produce an expose based on several written documents, sustain a discussion and defend your own opinions with confidence
  • The ability to express and defend and argue a personal point of view about potentially controversial topics

Written comprehension and expression:

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  • The ability to answer questions relating to a literary or press text, or relating a speech, a report, a literary text or article from the press
  • The ability to produce a summary of several written documents (social sciences, pure sciences) of different lengths
  • The ability to write a well-argued and solidly structured essay
  • The ability to analyse the content of a document and extract useful information from the text as it relates to specific questions
  • The ability to express and defend and argue a personal point of view about potentially controversial topics