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DELF exam preparation in Antibes

  • Open to 18 yrs + age group on set start dates
  • 4, 6, 8, 12, 16 weeks language course duration
  • 20, 20+ or 30 French group lessons per week
  • Max. 12 people per class

Prepare for the four DELF exams (A1, A2, B1 and B2) in Antibes. In order to reach a B1 or B2 exam level, beginner/elementary students need to attend a long term programme, ideally of 12 or 16 wks duration. The college will advise students on which exam to sit, according to their ability level once in France. A candidate can take more than one exam at the same sitting. Each qualification is made up of exercises to evaluate general French language competence in four core areas: understanding and expression in both oral and written situations.

NB: the last week of each session is taken up with the exams.

The French language school in Antibes has a remarkable success rate in putting forward students for the DELF examinations. Students are guided by experienced teachers with a thorough knowledge of the tests. Staff provide personalized advice on taking the exams from your teachers and the management team, who advise each student on the most realistic level of exam to aim for.

Mock exams are taken and a weekly formal evaluation tracks student progress.The staff arrange regular homework tasks to complement the work in class. Every three weeks a detailed assessment sums up individual work and personal progress, tracking each student individually. Please note that the teaching timetable includes preparation and exam marking, where necessary.

Students preparing for the DELF examinations attend lessons with the other language students.

The registration fees are approximately 100 € per exam to 160 € for 2 exams and must be paid on arrival (these fees are subject to change by the Board of Education). Having taken the exam/s, certificates can be obtained at the examination centre on the day of the tests, or sent home, via the embassy.

DELF 4 or 6 week course options

2021 details to be confirmed


DELF 8, 12 & 16 week course options

2021 details to be confirmed


Start dates and prices on request