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DELF exam preparation in Nice

  • Open to 16 yrs + age group on set start dates
  • 4 weeks language course duration
  • 20 French group lessons + 6 private lessons
  • (same format as the Combined Course)
  • Exams offered at A1, A2, B1 & B2 levels
  • Max. 10 people per group class

Students whose dates fit, can follow the DELF exam preparation courses in Nice, the official exam which test students’ level of competence in French, and which is recognized world-wide. The exams  are organized according to the various European Framework of Languages abilities (A1, A2, B1, B2). The school in Nice enables students to prepare for the DELF A1 to B2 levels. In Nice, a specific 4 week DELF preparation course leads up to the exams, and DALF exam preparation can be provided for C1 & C2 levels, on Combined or Private Tuition Courses.

These four week DELF preparation courses lead up to the DELF exams. Students have to complete a short written test prior to acceptance on the course. Tuition is organised according to the exam requirements. This means the French language course concentrates on the main aspects of French language: grammar, vocabulary, standard of written and oral expression, knowledge of French culture and civilisation.

DELF Exam Preparation
Start Dates 2021

Mar May Jun Aug Sept Oct Nov
01 03,  31 28 02 13 25 22

Public Holidays: The school is closed on the following public holidays and group lessons are not made up. 2021: 05 Apr, 13 & 24 May, 14 Jul, 15 Aug, 01 & 11 Nov

Three of the French school staff are members of the DELF jury, so the school is well placed to ensure all French language students achieve their DELF exam goals.


Nice Teen: Concentrating in class


Nice Teen: Teacher

Ask for the French School Test
to help you determine your level.

Nice School Description

If you want a DELF diploma to certify your current language level, you can enrol for the 4 week preparation course. If your aim is to achieve a higher level than your current language ability, you will need to follow additional classes (Standard or Intensive group courses are the most popular options) prior to joining the final 4 week DELF exam preparation course.


DELF A1 exam preparation:

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DELF A2 exam preparation:

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DELF B1 exam preparation:

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DELF B2 exam preparation:

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