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TestDaF exam preparation in Berlin

Levels offered Intermediate+

  • Minimum age 18
  • Course duration 4 weeks
  • Number of lessons 20 group lessons
  • Additional classes + 10 exam prep classes
  • Lesson duration 45 minutes
  • Maximum per class 12 students (6 in exam prep lessons)
  • Timetable: 09.00 to 12.30 hrs (20 lessons) + 13.00 to 15.00 hrs (10 lessons)

School Details

Whilst you can register for just the four week preparation course, many students study general German skills for longer on a Standard or Intensive Course, before their TestDaF course prior to the exam.

  Course Dates  Exam Dates
 2021  2021
 11 Jan/05 Feb  09 Feb
 22 Mar/16 Apr  20 Apr
 10 May/04 Jun  08 June
 14 Jun/09 Jul  15 Jul
 09 Aug/03 Sept  09 Sept
 11 Oct/05 Nov  09 Nov
  • Exam Entrance Cost: €195.00

TestDaF – information

There are six exam dates each year, however the school recommend you sit the TestDaF in February or April, if you want to start university in October. If you plan to start university in summer, take TestDaF no later than November (idealy September) as you need your TestDaF certificate to enrol, and it can take the TestDaF Centre 6 to 8 weeks to send the certificate to you.

The school can help you register for the exam, you have to go to the office on the FIRST day of your prep course. NB: the April TestDaF exam date is very popular and therefore has a very early deadline for registration; so you need to sign up prior to your arrival in Berlin (talk to us if this applies to you).

The TestDaF lasts a bit longer than 3 hours (plus time for breaks). Usually you will sit the exam in the morning, with the last part – speaking – being tested after lunch:

Reading: 60 minutes
Listening: 40 minutes
Writing: 60 minutes
Speaking: 30 minutes

TestDaF grading: you do not pass/fail as such. These are the result options:

TDN 5 = more than ok
TDN 4 = level C1, the level you need for university
TDN 3 = not enough, ok only for studies in music or art