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Intensive Course, Montpellier

5 / 5
Intensive Course (30 lessons)
Number of weeks
2 weeks

I expected to improve my grammar considerably, to meet some very nice people, to have a lot of fun, to enjoy the course. I expected to be speaking French the whole time. My expectations were definitely met. I enjoyed the lessons a lot. I especially like the lessons with Christine. She corrected us the minute we made a mistake which was good.
The French language school in Montpellier was in a great location. The staff and teachers were very friendly and helpful. The best part of the course was the discussions, debates and when we made up stories in French and could be creative, playing games. Listening to French music was also good.
The other students in my class in the French language school were lovely, we became a great group of friends. I am still in touch with some of them now.
Montpellier is a great city. It is quite cheap compared to Britain. Most of the local people were very nice. Montpellier has a great nightlife, its vibrant and a fun city. La petite crêperie near St. Roch on Rue en Gondeau does great food, especially at Happy Hour (everything half price, Fridays 7-8pm). Fantastic value for money! There are also some great shops in Montpellier.
My hostess Madame Bergounieux was very sweet, especially when I was a little ill.
I would definitely go again. I hope to return in the future actually. It was an irreplaceable experience which really taught me to love French. My best memory is eating out at the Creperie on a Friday night and laughing and joking in French!!
Overall I had a fantastic time, and I miss it! Thank you CESA!