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Languages for Life, Tours

5 / 5
Languages for Life (26 lessons)
Number of weeks
12 weeks

I am 75 and my husband is 82. We loved the course.
The teachers and the director were such fun and very approachable.
We worked hard and we got the results we wanted.
I can’t believe it, that I am actually speaking French and being understood.
The staff are friendly and there is lots of laughter.
The director is always there at “Pause” mixing with the students and teachers.
Such a lovely atmosphere.
There were no more than 7 to a class and most of the time about 4-5 to a class. The classes were like a private lesson because if you asked about something the teacher would digress to cover that topic.
There was a test every Monday morning and a lesson afterwards would cover your weaknesses.
I can highly recommend this school, as the best language school in France.
I spoke to students who had tried other schools that are supposed to be the best and they had 17 – 19 to a class and NO air-conditioning in the summer. Can you imagine it? Everyone who has tried other schools said the same thing that the Tours school is far superior in teaching, atmosphere, convenience and comfort.
The school is in the centre of town and close to trams and buses.
All in all it was a wonderful experience.

Mr & Mrs Baker