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Private Tuition, Paris (15th district)

5 / 5
Paris (15th district)
Private Tuition 1:1 (20 lessons)
Number of weeks
2 weeks

Having been recently widowed I was looking for a new experience, and felt that a French course, a chance to explore Paris and meet new people would be good for me. I admit to feeling very nervous before I went on the course. I suppose as with anyone, it was that fear of the unknown.
I enjoyed my French lessons in Paris and felt the student group gelled well together. The worst part for me was the initial assessment, my mind went a complete blank. Would advise students to brush up on their grammar and vocab if rusty before the test to get over this. The school was lovely and the teachers and staff were really helpful. I was very lucky I had hosts within walking distance (which I realise was a luxury few students could have) of the school. The best part of the experience for me was meeting so many nice people, staff and students (and the students of all ages were so nice).
I think Paris is wonderful and though I choose to spend a lot of time on my own, I was never lonely. I was able to speak to a lot of the locals, whilst in cafes or asking for directions as well as to my hosts and I always felt very safe. As an older student I didn’t see the night life, but the younger students certainly sampled it and seemed to enjoy it. For me the important thing was that there was always so much to do, during the day.
My hosts were very close to the French school (within walking distance) and they were a lovely family. We’ve already agreed that if I come over to Paris to study again I’m going back to stay with them.
There were so many memorable moments that I will treasure from this experience. The most important one for me though would be the friendliness of the Parisian people.
Thanks to the CESA staff who helped me select a programme and were there to answer questions whenever my nerves got the better of me. So glad I went!

Mrs F