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Mini Group Course, Tours

5 / 5
Mini Group (26 lessons)
Number of weeks
3 weeks

After just three short weeks study in Tours, I am aware that my French has really improved, my vocab still needs a lot of work but I’m beginning to realise there will ALWAYS be more vocab! However I was really pleased that my spoken skills and comprehension were markedly better by the end of my course.
I particularly loved the course structure at the college, the small groups, the personal contact and the fact that it was adults studying together (nothing wrong with 17 yr olds, but now I’m in my 50’s I’d rather study with other adults!). Not only was I in a course with other adult students but everyone in my class was a good reflection of my own language level (had an A level, somewhat rusty now, but apart from a few holidays in France I’d never really kept the language going).
There were also a great range of activities and excursions on offer which I really enjoyed, especially sharing these experiences with the other students. I was able to visit two Chateaux with a group of college friends, I even enjoyed the mini bus trip chatting to everyone! My favourite activity in the college was the cine-club.
I’m sure that all the other students felt the same way as me, certainly everyone in the college was a pleasure to know. I’d like to say a huge “Thank You” to the teachers and my class mates for making my time in France such a positive, instructive and fun time.
I really hope I can make it back one of these days!