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Special Offers


Fukuoka: Teachers

Are you a Beginner, keen to learn Japanese?

Study Japanese in 2021, in Fukuoka with CESA Languages.
Huge savings offered to students eligible for  Student Visa or Working Visa long term courses.
There’s a massive Yen 100,000 saving! (approx £735.00 / € 810.00 / $ 950.00) on the One Year Course & also on the Eighteen Month Course. 

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If you are a Beginner or False Beginner, the Fukuoka school is offering both long term courses with a huge discount on your tuition fees.

Learn Japanese with other language students from across the world, at a greatly reduced rate!
Contact CESA for further details.

One Year & Eighteen Month Japanese course details

Covid 2020 Update:
All students receiving Student Visas for 2020 courses who were unable to enter Japan due to the travel ban, will be able to transfer their courses to a new start date, once the ban is lifted.  We will be monitoring the travel situation over the forthcoming months.

Special Offer Terms:

– Discount of Yen 100,000.00 applied to tuition only (in Fukuoka, on the 12 & 18 month courses)
– Students must be Beginners or False Beginners (not offered to higher ability levels)
– Students must be eligible for the Student Visa (for 12 or 18 month course) or the Working Visa (for 12 month course)
– Class sizes will be up to 12 students per class (not the usual 8)
– Applicable course dates: April, July and October 2021
– Booking deadline: Set deadlines in line with Japanese Immigration rules
– Offer Code: Japanese long term 2021


Ready for a French Teenage Couse special offer?

Save EUR 50.00 per week on a summer course in 2021.
Book early to get this fabulous discount.

Study French in Antibes on a Teenage Camp, staying with French hosts or in a Campus residence, with CESA Languages!

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If you are a Teenager, the Antibes school is offering a superb discount on courses for any duration, on courses from late June to late August 2021.

Learn French with other language students from across the world, at a bargain rate!
Contact CESA for further details.

French course in Antibes course details

Special Offer Terms:

– Discount of EUR 50.00 per week applied to the Antibes Summer Teenage Course
– Students must book course + accommodation together, for this offer
– Applicable course dates: 27th June to 21st August 2021
– Booking deadline: 5th March 2021
– Offer Code: French Teens/Antibes 2021

NB: Only one Special Offer can be applied per enrolment (offers cannot be combined). Please check back for updates or call the CESA office for advice: 01209 211800 / +44 1209 211800