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Student Reports: Paris One

Emily Whitelock (19) spent 2 weeks on a Combined Course in Paris from July to August with CESA; hear what Emily has to say about her language course:

 “I expected the teaching to be intensive for rapid linguistic improvement, and to be taught in a relaxed and friendly environment. My expectations were definitely met. The private lessons were particularly enjoyable and beneficial; being virtually identical to the supervisions I have at University. Group lessons were also enjoyable. The location of the school was excellent. The staff and teachers were very approachable. The best parts of the course were the private lessons and meeting so many nice people.
Paris is amazing! I’ve decided thanks to my exploration of the city during the course, to spend a year there next year as part of my degree course.
Staying with a host family is the best way to meet people and improve my French. I was lucky enough to have lovely classmates, which resulted in many rendez-vous out of lesson time.
I had an excellent host, not to mention cook, who was welcoming and accommodating. Her apartment is modern and spacious, and there are always other foreign students so the atmosphere is animated. I would definitely go again!”

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