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Coronavirus Updates

How is the covid situation affecting the language courses?

Far less than it was!  Which is fantastic news.
If you are interested in arranging a language course and have questions about this, please email us:

Updated: 10th January 2022

We are delighted to say that all European language schools (and most other schools) are open for face-to-face language courses, (some schools are incredibly busy). Several language schools are also offering online programmes.
The Japanese language schools are still only offering online courses at present, but we hope this will change soon, and students will enjoy face to face classes soon.

IATA World Map  Travel updates

CESA is monitoring local government rulings for changes to travel restrictions, but hopefully we will all soon be travelling freely again!

Please read the coronavirus guides for each country below to understand the current arrangements.
We will update details as quickly as we can, in light of any updates over the year.

Will travel insurance cover covid related situations?

A growing number of insurance companies are now offering cover that includes covid situations. Please consult your insurance company to check their terms and conditions.