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Your language level

To assess your current language ability, and what you can hope to achieve on a language course abroad, this table of “abilities” sets out attainable goals for the average language student, learning a European language.

School specific details are laid out in the “Teaching”
details, for each language school location.
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Levels Grid



You have no knowledge of the language at all.

Level 1

CEF: A1 
At this stage you are able to understand very simple phrases about daily life if someone speaks to you slowly and clearly. You know how to introduce yourself, to describe your work, to talk about your tastes and your hobbies and to describe your past. You can write a postcard. Your ability allows you to respond to simple and practical things.
Allow approximately 4 weeks to complete Level 1

Level 2

CEF: A2, A2+
You know simple vocabulary and can communicate at a basic language level, exchanging simple information, if the other person helps. You have some basic structures.
Allow approximately 4 weeks to complete Level 2

Level 3
Low Intermediate 

You understand extensive simple information encountered in every day language or on topics of personal interest. You can use a greater range of structures and vocabulary but still make frequent errors.
Allow approximately 4/8 weeks to complete Level 3

Level 4

CEF: B1+, B2
You understand and can use the essentials of the language, although there are still typical errors. Information on topics of personal interest can be communicated in a more complex vocabulary and you can generally communicate in routine professional contexts.
Allow approximately 6/8 weeks to complete Level 4

Level 5
High Intermediate

CEF: B2+, C1
You can use a wide range of language structures with very few errors and can express ideas and opinions on a variety of topics. You can exchange information reliably and have an active command of the essentials of the language.
Allow approximately 8/12 weeks+ to complete Level 5

Level 6

CEF: C1+, C2
You can participate in any communicative situation utilising an extensive range of vocabulary and idiomatic expressions. You adopt appropriate formulation in many different circumstances. You can communicate confidently and competently in both professional and personal contexts.
Allow approximately 10/12 weeks+ study to complete Level 6


CEF: Common European Framework on language levels.