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Italian and Fine Art Courses: Italy

If you adore Art and want to combine some professional training in an Art Studio alongside your Italian studies, the Italian language schools in Florence and Milan have some fabulous course options to offer you.


Florence Art Course Schedules

Duration in weeks 1 to 4 weeks
Minutes per session 60 mins
Min. number of participants 01
3 sessions per wk (06 lessons) 15.00-17.00 hrs
5 sessions per wk (10 lessons) 15.00-17.00 hrs
5 sessions per wk (20 lessons) 15.00-19.00 hrs


Milan Art Course Schedules

Duration in weeks 1 to 4 weeks
Minutes per session 60 mins
Min. number of participants 02 *
3 sessions per wk (06 lessons) PM timetable to be advised


* If there is only one student, lessons will be reduced: 4 lessons instead of 6, per week


Florence: City view

Florence: View from Duomo

Drawing & Painting: Florence

Based in an artist’s studio, students study all aspects of drawing (at beginner or advanced level). During the drawing course, students will learn how to use different materials, amongst others; charcoal, sanguine (reddish drawing chalk) and pencil. In addition, they will have an introduction in the use of tempera, oil painting and acrylic colours. Using these materials, students will learn to portray still-life paintings and the human body, including life drawing.

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Historic Painting Techniques: Florence

This course will give students the chance to enter the world of painting techniques belonging to the period between 14th and 16th century through the analysis of the most important artworks of such a period, from Giotto to Michelangelo. Students will learn the techniques through the study, the analysis and the reproduction of famous paintings with egg tempera, gold leaf and oil colours. The whole paintings’ creation process will be analysed and practised, from the preparation of supports to varnishing.

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Contemporary Painting: Florence

The course teaches students how to develop new artistic languages, using the latest support materials (plastic, specific kinds of canvasses, wood and metals) and painting techniques, from traditional colours to the use of mixed techniques, such as colour application with sponge, spatula and roller. The combination of new materials and painting techniques will help students to develop a new language and their own painting style.

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Sculpture: Florence

This course allows students to choose from a wide variety of techniques and materials, including modelling clay, marble sculpture and wood carving. Students may choose to focus on a particular technique or through diverse techniques and materials. There will be an introduction to specific designs used in relation to the various techniques of sculpture at the beginning of the course.

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Milan: Last Supper

Milan: Out in the city

Introduction to Drawing & Painting: Milan

The course aims to provide an introduction and basic preparation for those students that have a desire to test their artistic qualities. The course is specially designed for people who are facing the visual arts, drawing and painting for the first time. The course syllabus is divided into two modules, the first module is oriented to the techniques and rules of graphic design (drawing), while the second module deals in greater depth the theory and practice of color. Although complementary, the two modules can be attended separately. To follow the single module of painting, it is necessary that the student already has basic knowledge of drawing.

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Drawing: Milan

Free hand Drawing:
The materials for pencil drawing, The types of hatch, See and draw the actual shape of the figures, Copy from the truth, Copy and drawing in the dark

Technical rules of Prints:
Forms, The ‘Chiaroscuro’, The full and empty, Volumes, the drapery, the shadows, China, Ink, Ecoline, Pen, Pastels, Oil, Wax, Charcoal, coloured pencils

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Painting: Milan

The students will explore the theory and practice of colour, perspective and follow a course introducing students to the core water colour painting skills.

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Fashion: Milan

Explore the world of Italian fashion, studying a brief history of fashion and the creation of the Pret-a-Porter.  The focus is on the 1980s through to the present day; Armani, Versace, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana

Minimum Italian level accepted: A2 (high elementary)

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