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Learn German in Heidelberg

German Language School in Heidelberg

The German language school,  established in 1980, is located on the Hauptstrasse in Heidelberg. A fabulous place to learn German, the Heidelberg school is situated on the 3rd floor of a large centrally located building with easy street access.  There are 30 classrooms in the main teaching building (with access to a further 30 for use during the summer months). The German language school in Heidelberg offers modern, clean and well appointed classrooms with ample computer access, a wide range of accommodation options to suit all tastes and provides a busy social programme throughout the year.

German language courses offered in Heidelberg:

~ German Languages for Life Courses
~ German Standard Course
~ German Intensive Course
~ Combined German Course
~ Business German Course
~ German Teenager Course
~ German Private Tuition

~ Social activities offered in Heidelberg

The excellent range of residence accommodation options offered by the German language school in Heidelberg are REALLY popular with German language students, so there is bound to be somewhere to suit you!

The German School offers a central location right next to Heidelberg's old town.  As a place in which to learn German Heidelberg is a unique city, small enough to become quickly familiar but busy enough to suit long term students. Students have free access to the internet and email at the college. 

The German language school in Heidelberg caters for 100 to 450 students per month and is at its busiest during the University summer holidays. The college also offers a wide range of foreign language courses to German nationals, making it possible to get to know German nationals through school contact. The staff are always on hand should you have any questions once on your course. The German school requires all their German teachers to have university degrees and extensive experience teaching the language and aim to maximise your opportunities to learn German in Heidelberg.


German Language Course Duration  1-36 weeks+ 
Minutes per German lesson  45 
Minimum age  16 yrs 
No. of Classrooms  30+
No. of students /quietest months                100 per month
No. of students /busiest months  450 per month

Social Activities in Heidelberg

All German language students are encouraged to make the most of their time in Heidelberg by participating in the guided excursions and activities offered by the German Language School to help students learn the German language.

The social activities offered to the students, help you to learn German, help you get to know Heidelberg, the German people and your surroundings.