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Learn German in Heidelberg: Teaching

Let’s get you talking German in Heidelberg!

Classes cover the four core skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing, with plenty of grammar and vocabulary work included in order to develop all the essential German language skills.

Course Method

The objective of the language courses is to help you express yourself more fluently in German. To achieve this, the school have a team of experienced teachers who specialise in teaching German to foreign students.

The German language school’s methods combine a traditional grammar approach with a more modern communicative focus in which greater importance is placed on practising grammar in communicative contexts that reproduce situations of everyday life. The classes are based on tasks and planned depending on the students’ needs and different styles of learning.

All classes are given in German.

The maximum number of students per class is 15 (depending on the programme chosen) and each class lasts for 45 minutes.

In the core group classes the teacher concentrates on general group requirements, whereas specific needs are dealt with in private or workshop course options. The programme is aimed at familiarising students with and integrating students into German culture. Visits to cultural centres, museums and other places of local interest are arranged, in an attempt to ensure that all students are fully immersed in German life.

First Day

On the first day you will need to be at school at 8:45 hrs in the morning assuming you’ve already completed your placement test to determine your language level on line (otherwise we need you to arrive by 08.15 hrs) and lessons are then held from 09.00 hrs onwards. In the afternoon there is a Heidelberg orientation tour followed by an evening get together (so you can begin socialising with the other students).

Your course includes various social and cultural activities. Information is placed on a board in the main corridor but details will also be discussed in class, so you are aware of the calendar of activities for the week.


Monday to Friday

Standard and Languages for Life courses
09:00 and 12.15 hrs

Intensive Course additional classes
13.00 to 14.30 hrs

If you have private lessons the school staff will inform you of the schedule once you are in Heidelberg.

German Level Test

All students are required to take a German language level test, either in advance over the internet or on their first day (we recommend you complete the test on-line where possible). Students may change levels during the first few days or afterwards, if the student has made more progress than the rest of the group. At least once a month, a test is given in class to evaluate the student’s progress.

Course Material

A textbook is used in class, together with diverse course material prepared by the the German language school teachers.

Approx. € 35 (for two books) per 160 teaching lessons.
The books may be purchased or hired from the German language school.

Themen aktuell 1 – A1; Themen aktuell 2 – A2, em neu 2008 Brückenkurs B1, em neu 2008 Hauptkurs B2, em neu 2008 Abschlusskurs C1, Übungsgrammatik für die Grundstufe, A1/A2, Übungsgrammatik für die Mittelstufe B1/B2, Lehr- und Übungsbuch der dt. Grammatik A1-B2, Deutsch Prüfungstraining DSH, DSH-Training

Course Certificate

At the end of their course, students are given an attendance certificate indicating the course taken, the number of hours of study and the level reached, in addition to a detailed report on their progress in each language area.

Rate of Progress

The curriculum is structured on six theoretical language levels, with a natural duration of between four and six weeks at each level. There are classes in grammar, oral and written exercises, practice with video and audio material and conversation on subjects of general, social and cultural interest. Special importance is given to the communicative aspect of the language and its use in everyday life.

In reality students choose to attend a short course or a longer “Languages for Life” course according to their linguistic goals, personal wishes and time constraints.

School language level definitions +
Number of lessons to reach the next level
Beginner    0 A0
Elementary I 160 Start Deutsch 1 A1
Elementary II 160 Start Deutsch 2 A2
Elementary III
Intermediate I
160 Zertifikat Deutsch B1
Intermediate II
Intermediate III
160 Zertifikat Deutsch
fur den Beruf
TestDaF 3,
Advanced I
Advanced II
160 Deutsch C1
TestDaF 4
400 TestDaF 5

Full description of European Framework level definitions

All German language exams can be registered with the German language school’s assistance and exams can be sat locally.

The rate of progress expressed in lessons above, is based on the assumption a student is following a group programme. Students who follow private tuition classes can expect to speed up their development, by approximately 50%.

Heidelberg School Teachers

The German teaching staff are all native speakers, trained to teach German as a foreign language.

Heidelberg School Students

The students are drawn from across the world, many come from Europe, both East and West.  In addition there are students from Asia, America, Russia and many other nations besides.  Officially anyone from 16 yrs of age and up, are welcome to attend the school, though most students are 18 yrs +. The majority of the students are 19 yrs to 30 yrs of age, but in fact adult students of all ages are very welcome to attend.