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Learn Russian in Moscow: Location

Russian language students of all ages love living, learning and immersing themselves in the amazing culture of Moscow. If you want to learn the Russian language, the city has so much to offer, developing and changing before your eyes.

One of the first impressions Moscow gives is of a chaotic city, with large busy avenues, traffic jams, speedy life, and glittering ads. At the same time you’ll notice calm grey residential areas, monumental Stalinist buildings and hidden churches with golden domes. As everywhere in Russia, it’s a mix of two worlds: Europe and Asia, democracy and communism, prosperity and poverty. The city is an exaggerated version of everything but is truly impressive. Moscow has over 10 million inhabitants.

Moscow is a very busy and fast-paced city, even so traffic jams are a common event. So its wise to walk or take the metro to get around. The metro can carry over 8 million passengers in just one day, but it is still the smoothest and cheapest way of going around Moscow. Not only that, but the metro stations are fabulous architectural attractions in themselves. Having said that, Moscow is much more than just a huge cosmopolitan city with colossal concrete buildings and massive metal bridges. The city has many hidden gems – in particular some beautiful churches, so you are recommended to see as many as possible while you are here! But if you come during the winter, bring warm clothes! We know it is not something we have to warn you about, given it is a very well known fact that it can get pretty cold in the city. Of course, in summer don’t not forget your swim things because temperatures can go over 30 degrees Celsius. Temperatures in the city range from between 22 oC and 28 oC in August, dropping as much as -10 oC in January (usually Moscow’s coldest month).

Local Specialities

Traditional Russian cuisine is hearty, Russians like meat and potatoes. The breads and ice creams are excellent. While in Moscow, do try pelmeni (dumplings), sturgeon and of course the Russian delicacy caviar.