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Spanish A level Revision: Salamanca

Open to 16/19 yr old students

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  • Open to A’ level, Pre U, Higher & IB students
  • February and Easter holidays

This Spanish A’ level revision course has been put together to help A’ level Spanish language students overcome any linguistic weaknesses, giving them the confidence to communicate effectively in Spanish and to develop their Spanish language knowledge. It is specifically aimed at those A’ level students who wish to prepare for the exams in the half-term and Easter holiday periods. The school have up-to-date exam materials and tutors, who are academically rigorous, but in equal measure encouraging. The aim is to ensure you sit your exam with justified self-confidence, post your studies in Salamanca.

A’ level Group Course

Levels offered Intermediate to Advanced
Course duration 1 week 
Age range 16 to 19 yrs
Group lessons/AM 20 lessons
Private lessons 5 or 10 lessons
Lesson duration 50 minutes
Maximum per class 9 students


 A ‘level Course Fees 2020
 20 group + 5 private lessons:     € 443.00
 20 group + 10 private lessons:   € 589.00
 + CESA Fee:  € 60.00 per person
 Host Accommodation  
Single rm
Shared rm* 
€ 162.00
€ 144.00

* Shared rm only for friends booking together

February: 17, 24
March: 30
April:  06, 13
October: 19, 26
December: 14

Lessons lost will be made up.  Good Friday public holiday: 2020 – 10 Apr.  2021 – 02 Apr.

Salamanca Teens: Excursion

Salamanca: Students sharing a meal

Salamanca Teens: Studying

Programme details

As with all exam preparation, the key is to practise exactly what will come up and the tutors will help you develop your Spanish language skills and confidence to ensure you get the best results you can on the day of your exam.

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Language skills covered: Grammar exercises, Oral and written expression, Aural and written comprehension, Phonetics, vocabulary and syntax.

The school use a revision manual based on exams from specific boards.

Practice in talking about your chosen topic in Spanish (and help in preparing notes on the topic in English so you feel confident with the subject matter)
Going over essay work, cribs and notes with your Spanish tutors
Learning to polish your oral performance
Increasing your spoken confidence and written skills
These specific revision courses have been running for over a decade and the school has established itself as one of the definitive education providers for preparation for these exams.
Tutors are all native speakers who are also professional teachers of Spanish as a foreign language.
Private study: You will be asked to complete some homework tasks each night in preparation for the following day’s classes. It is important that you complete these tasks in order to take full advantage of the week’s programme.

Course Content

Please note this is a Spanish language, not a literature orientated programme. Please check with your UK school, are your Orals before or after Easter? This will affect whether you should choose the February or Easter holiday programme.

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You can polish up general Spanish language skills including revision of grammar structures and pronunciation and address any linguistic weaknesses.

Each day‘s work centres around one of the key A level topics and from there relevant grammar and vocab are drawn out.

The topics are:

Civil War and Dictatorship
Young people in Spain – generational issues, youth problems, the search for work “ninis”
Feminism, equality
Scientific Development
Popular movements


Mon: Tests/ Lessons.
Welcome Drink: 21.00hrs
Tues: Lessons 10.00 to 13.50 hrs.
Student get together
Wed: Lessons 10.00 to 13.50hrs.
City Tour
Thurs: Lessons 10.00 to 13.50hrs.
Film Club
Fri: Lessons 10.00 to 13.50hrs

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Private lessons: Times vary. Choice of timetable determined by School Staff according to language level, rather than student choice. Generally private lesson are held in the morning – starting at 09.00 am. Occasionally a private lessons will be timetabled for the afternoon (no exact times can be given)
Please note: In the busiest weeks of the year, group courses also run from 16.00 to 19.50hrs. This is not likely to affect the A’ level course weeks, but obviously if student numbers are very high this could change.

School Description

Salamanca combines an informal atmosphere with a friendly, yet studious environment. The compact city and the personal attention provided by the school staff, in combination with high quality Spanish language studies makes it an attractive location for our A level language students.

Cultural Activities

Additional school activities generally available to students each week (approx costs): Tapas tour €12.00, Salsa class € 6.00, Cathedral Tower tour €3.50, Cookery class € 3.00, Karaoke €5.00 Chocolate & Churros € 3.00 Please note it may be necessary to alter the exact activities proposed, each week.


Students aged under 18 yrs of age may ONLY go out until 12 midnight during the week and 1.00 am on Friday and Saturday night. Minors have to stay with hosts (not shared apartments or residence accommodation) and their hosts will supervise the curfew rules. If these rules are broken the school will be informed and the student risks being expelled, at the discretion of the Spanish language school Directors.


With local Spanish hosts. You are welcome to make your own accommodation arrangements, but the majority of students do choose to stay with hosts. You will be placed in a single room with a hostess, on a full-board basis. Students are only placed in a shared room with another student, if this is booked with a friend. Meals Breakfast, lunch (the main meal of the Spanish day) and evening meal are provided by the hosts. Students can book half-board if they want (breakfast and lunch), but we recommend full-board.


Transfer service/via direct public bus (arranged by college): Madrid airport/Salamanca CESA will advise you on the airport bus service, to Salamanca bus station. The school will book bus tickets, once they know your flight details and we will send the arrival ticket to you. On arrival at Salamanca bus station, you will be met by your hosts. From past experience students have found travelling to Salamanca easy to negotiate and cost effective. If you’re not sure, please discuss this with CESA staff.