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German and Music: Vienna

Learn to speak German and improve your music skills at the Vienna Conservatorium

Is this course for you?

Yes if you want to practise your music skills whilst learning German in the fabulous city of Vienna.

  • German Lessons: Standard Course (20) or Intensive Course (30)
  • German course group size: Standard course: 8-12
  • Music lesson (1) + cultural programme (5) per week
  • Additional music lessons can be booked on request
  • Duration: 4 weeks – 12 months
  • Minimum age: 16 years

Vienna is the city where the music greats Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert and Brahms lived and worked. Learn German and study music at the Vienna Conservatorium. In cooperation with the Vienna Conservatorium, the German language school in Vienna offers students the opportunity to combine a German course with music studies.

The ‘Wiener Konservatorium’ or Vienna Conservatorium is world renowned, and though classified as a very traditional school, it is also very innovative. As an educational establishment for students from around the world, the Vienna Conservatorium offers a great variety of music education, ranging from a classical music education (music composition, music theory, music lessons for various instruments) to a very popular jazz music class. It doesn’t only offer instrumental music education, as voice training classes are also available.

German and Music Programme
A German course of your choice (i.e. Standard course, Intensive course) for 4 weeks to 12 months, with 20 to 30 German lessons and 5 lessons cultural and leisure programme per week. In the afternoon you receive one individual instrumental music or voice lesson per week and one theoretical supplementary music subject per week at the Vienna Conservatorium.

German course
German course of your choice with 20 to 30 German lessons and 5 lessons (2-3 times) cultural and leisure programme per week. You study German for 4 or 6 daily lessons from Monday to Friday in small international groups following a recognized curriculum. Plus you participate in a cultural programme of; Vienna city walks, talks and other activities promotes insights into Austrian culture and music.

Standard German Course

You study German in 20 weekly lessons. 5 weekly lessons of cultural and leisure programme are included in the price and in addition book music or singing classes as required.

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Intensive German Course

10 weekly German lessons in especially small study groups in addition to your Standard course, as well as the music or singing classes as required.

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Music at the Conservatoire

Music instruction takes place at the Vienna Conservatorium which is about 20 minutes from the German language school, by underground. About 600 students from all over the world study music at this music institute.
Instruction is offered across a range of ability levels, so lessons are suitable for music students and professionals and music lessons for enthusiastic amateurs.

Practical Music lessons
You receive one individual instrumental music or voice lesson per week.

Theoretical Music lessons
One theoretical subject per week, such as history of Music, music composition, acoustics, instrumental music tuition.

Practice in orchestra, chamber music or choir.

A Vienna Conservatorium certificate testifying the attended music lessons and the educational level plus a German language school course certificate.

Student course requirements

Beginners of German can start the German course and practical music lessons at the same time.
A good knowledge of German is necessary to follow the theoretical music lessons at the Vienna Conservatorium.

Conservatorium: Special holiday regulations.
24 Dec ’14 to 6 Jan ’15, 2 to 6 Feb, 30 Mar – 7 Apr, 26 May, 6 Jul – 4 Sept, 24 Dec to 6 Jan 2016
No music teaching on holidays, but you can start your German course, even when the Vienna Conservatory is closed.

Music Course costs: 2016

Price for 1 instrumental/voice lessons: EUR 66.00 per week
Supplementary instrumental/voice lesson: EUR 57.00 per week
Practice facilities: Approx. EUR 3 – 7.00 per hour
Public transport: Approx. EUR 20.00 per week

Price includes:
German Standard course: 20 lessons/week in small groups of max. 12 students.
5 lessons of cultural and leisure programme, for example: Vienna guided tours, talks and videos on Austrian music, art, history, literature, cuisine, culture and customs; Waltz course.
German school certificate.
German vocabulary book.
Course books may be borrowed for the whole course. Books can be bought at a 50% discount from the school office.
Use of computers, books, CD’s, DVD’s and magazines in the multimedia library.
Student service at the school office, Monday–Friday.
Free internet access & free W-LAN/WIFI. Free receiving and sending of emails.
Student manual with interesting tips on Vienna.
German school card entitling holder to discounts at a number of museums, theatres, restaurants, shops.

Accommodation and meals as booked.

Placement at the Conservatorium:
1 instrumental/voice lesson per week (45 minutes).
1-3 theory subjects per week. (Good knowledge of German required)
Conservatorium Certificate.