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Learn Italian in Viareggio: Teaching

The college’s key concern is to get you to speak!

Students are encouraged to speak Italian and only Italian from the very first day. The school’s teaching method is influenced by modern didactics and is designed according to the guidelines set down by the European Council and the guidelines of the ”Accademia Italiana di Lingua (AIL)”.

Course Structure

They follow a communicative method: from the first day of lessons and at each ability level, only Italian is spoken in class.  Particular emphasis is placed on spoken language development and communication skills, but also deals with the four basic abilities (reading, writing, oral comprehension and speaking). Grammar is presented in a logical and structured way, building your skills through a wide range of examples, practical exercises and short stories that give you and your teachers many opportunities to put your Italian conversation into practice. Lessons are designed to interest the students, they are interactive and also fun, organized in a relaxed atmosphere in which learning can be undertaken naturally. Text books are supported by authentic material; newspapers, magazines and videos enabling students to learn about contemporary Italy and the varied aspects of Italian culture.

Of course you will cover the four core skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing, with structured learning of grammar and vocabulary work included to develop all the essential Italian language skills.

Course Content

The curriculum is structured on a full range of theoretical language levels, (A1 to C2) with a natural duration of between four and eight weeks, at each level. This involves elements of traditional teaching methods and classroom activities such as language games, pair work and role-plays aimed at developing communicative fluency. The methodology is the result of years of experience in the intensive teaching of Italian. Every day according to the progress of the class and syllabus, a new area of language is introduced and practised.

Rate of Progress

A student of average linguistic ability should allow around four to six weeks to complete the Beginner 1 and 2 levels, covering basic grammatical structured knowledge to be able to communicate in the practical situations of daily life plus an introduction to Italian customs. Approximately 6/10 weeks will be required to complete each of the Elementary and Intermediate levels, with emphasis on grammar with reference to the past tenses and development of conversation skills. Generally an additional 6/8 weeks covers the Advanced level, deepening grammatical skills, providing fluency in conversation and a deeper knowledge of Italian culture, also written expression and the creation of texts. A further 8/10 weeks to cover the Proficiency levels 1 & 2, and a final 6 or more weeks to complete the Mastery level with a specialised level of grammar and the study of the Italian language.

There are SIX different levels of Italian.
Students have to pass an entry test, written and oral, to be placed in the right level on arrival.
Progression to the next level is also based on class based assessment in the school.

Basic ( beginner )

This course is designated for those students who are beginning Italian for the first time. By the end of the course, students will be able to form some of the basic structures in Italian and will have a basic knowledge of the Italian culture.

Level 2 ( elementary )

This course is designed for those students who already have a previous knowledge of some of the basic structures in Italian. By the end of the program, students will have increased their level of grammar and vocabulary so they can express themselves functionally according to different contexts. They will also have a greater awareness of Italian culture and society.

Level 3 ( intermediate )

This course is designed for students having a general command of the more complex structures in the Italian language and a good vocabulary base. By the end of the course, students will be able to use their Italian more fluently and will have a greater understanding of the Italian way of life. The course attempts to improve the student’s understanding of the linguistic and extra-linguistic structures in Italian.

Level 4 ( advanced )

This course is designed for students possessing a solid knowledge of the Italian culture and are able to perform at a communicative level. By the end of the course, students will have gained a wider knowledge of the Italian culture and will be more proficient at expressing ideas at an abstract level.

Level 5 ( proficiency )

This course is designated for those students with a high command of the Italian language. Special emphasis is placed on perfecting the student’s oral and writing skills and also in developing a global perspective of the Italian culture in relation to the student’s particular field of interest.

In reality students chose to attend a Italian group or private tuition course according to their linguistic goals, personal wishes and time constraints.

Italian Teachers in Viareggio

The language teachers are experts in teaching Italian to foreign students and are all Italian nationals.  The teachers are there to guide, motivate and help you in your learning.

Italian Students in Viareggio

Many of the students are European nationals, but some come from further afield. The top five nationalities are Switzerland, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and France.  Students are generally in their 20’s, but all ages are welcome and there will be teenagers (from 16 yrs old) through to older adults.